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Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program

Sample Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (pdf)
Model Municipal Stormwater Control Ordinance (pdf)
NJ Ground Water Recharge Spreadsheet
Other Measures
(Voluntary) Includes example ordinances for Pet Waste, Litter Control, Improper Disposal of Waste, Wildlife Feeding, Containerized Yard Waste, Yard Waste Collection Program, and Illicit Connections.
Annual Report and Certification
Educational Brochure for Annual Distribution
Supplemental Education Information
List of NJDEP Case Managers
Important Names, Addresses, and Contacts (pdf)


stormwater catch basinTier B Municipal Stormwater General Permit

This Compact Disc (CD) contains guidance materials to assist Tier B Municipalities in complying with the Municipal Stormwater General Permit. The CD includes a Tier B Guidance Document, Tier B Municipal Stormwater General Permit, education materials, sample Municipal Stormwater Management Plan and Model Municipal Stormwater Control Ordinance, forms, and other materials needed to develop and implement a stormwater program.

Each municipality has been assigned a NJDEP case manager to provide additional outreach and assistance. A list of case managers is provided on this CD. For additional help or questions, please contact the assigned case manager directly at (609) 633-7021.

The Department may periodically update guidance or other materials. Any updates will be located on the Department’s Web site at or .

Tier B Municipal Stormwater Guidance Document
The New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
Tier B Municipal Stormwater General Permit

NJPDES Stormwater Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:14A)

Stormwater Management Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:8) (pdf)

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